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Growth & Grace Podcast Episode #16

EP 16: How to Travel on a Budget

  1. So, I love to travel! I love to go to new places, experience new things…BUT I don't have a huge travel budget. We are in a stage of transition I our lives that doesn't leave us with a lot of wiggle room, but we still want to go on adventures! And we are still able to go on adventures!

  2. I have some tips on how to travel on the cheap!

    1. Travel Off Season

      1. Winter Cruises are SOO much cheaper, but you it's till warm enough to swim and enjoy the beach!

      2. Andrew and I got married in November, and we went on a cruise for our honeymoon. I was a little worried because you know it starts to get chilly in November. But not only did we get extremely discounted rates because it was off season, but it was still warm. We swam with the dolphins and laid at the beach just the same if we had gone in June!

    2. Air BnB

      1. If you haven't been staying at Air BnBs when you travel to new places, what are you doing with your life?

      2. I mean really! It is SOOO much nicer! They even have Air Bnb Plus now, and those listing have more of a luxury feel.

      3. A lot of times you have access to a kitchen, so you don’t' have to eat out every meal which also save a little money.

      4. I have loved staying at air bnbs because it also positions you with the locals. You are in neighborhoods and not just the touristy areas. This is really cool in other countries and big cities.

        1. We stayed at an airbnb when we went to Havana, Cuba last August. Not only was it only like $25 a night, but  our experience would have been completely different if we stayed at a resort. We got to talk out of the house right on to the streets and see a side of Havana we would have never seen if we stayed somewhere else.

    3. Another place you can stay if you're outdoorsy is at local state parks. They often have really reasonable cabins and some even have yurts that can be fun! Sometimes they are a little off the beaten path, so if you like to be in the middle of things…then it might not be for you. But it is perfect for the outdoorsy, nature lovers!

    4. Travel in Groups!

      1. It sounds like common sense, but people sometimes forget how much $$$ it can save if you travel in groups. Splitting lodging and food costs…if you're driving then also gas $$. It makes a big difference!

    5. Get a Credit cards with Miles

      1. The last two trips Andrew and I have gone on, to Havana and Seattle…our tickets were free because of flyer miles.

      2. Now I only recommend this if you trust yourself enough to have a credit card, but Andrew and I have a card where we put all of our gas and groceries and some of our bills on that one card. Then we get miles. With the sign on bonus, they add up pretty quick.

      3. We have the capital one venture card…and they have it set up where you can use your 'miles' for other travel expenses, not just tickets. So rental cars, hotel rooms, bus or train tickets. It's really nice!

    6. Traveling to a new city, you can also groupon your activities! They have deals for popular restaurants and local attractions. Sometimes even up to 50% off the regular price. Definitely worth checking into!

      1. I also like to have a spa day sometime when on vacation. Groupon often times a lot of local spa packages listed! If you're into that sort of thing.

      2. Groupon also have complete vacation packages, sometimes even including the flights. I haven't personally gone on one of these, but I have read a lot of reviews and it seems like a pretty legit way to see some cool places if you're flexible on your travel dates!

    7. It really boils down to doing some research to figure out what the locals do, where the locals eat! Of course there are the big name touristy places…but the best part of traveling to a new place is learning about local customs and traditions. For example, a local seafood place is not only going to be cheaper, but is also probably going to taste a lot better! What beaches do the locals go to? I be there is free parking and it is A LOT less crowded!  There are tons of travel blogs and ways to found out, it just takes a little time to do the research.

    8. So those are my main tips! If you have another good travel tips, then let me know! I'd love to hear them! It's one of those things that is trial and error for sure!

    9. Thanks for hanging out with me today! I hope you all have a great week, and I'll catch you next time.