EP 17: How to Identify What You Want to Change in Your Life

Growth & Grace Podcast Episode #17

EP 17: How to Identify What You Want to Change in Your Life

  1. One of the things I hear MOST from people is, "I'm just not happy. Or I'm not fulfilled. What if I’m missing out?

    1. Sometimes we can verbalize what we want things to change, to be different...but we can’t quite put our finger on what exactly needs to change.

    2. We have this feeling like we are missing something, but we don't know what is missing.

    3. Or what can be even more frustrating, maybe we know where we want to go, but we don't know how to get there.

  2. So I have a practical exercise that will help jumpstart you into thinking in a forward direction. I’m going to talk through the steps with you here, but if you go over to Amberleagray.com/17 then you will find a link that will take you to pdf download that will also have everything laid out for you. So if you’re listening to this, but are not at a place where you can pause and work through each step...then I have that for you to refer back to later!

  3. Get a pen and paper. Grab your journal or even your computer and open up a blank document.

  4. This is a writing exercise, and here are a few tips before getting started: Write freely without questioning. If something keeps coming up, write it more than once. Write it as many times as you want. No one else will see this. It is just for you. There is something powerful about writing, and process wants and desires in this way. If you feel silly, do it anyway. If ‘writing isn’t your thing’ do it anyway.

    1. Start with writing down where you are. Where you are in life physically, spiritually and emotionally. Write it down without judgement, just an honest look.

      1. Quickly what comes to mind for me. I am an empowerment coach, photographer, pastor, podcaster. I’m a wife with no kids. I am tired, a lot. My energy levels are not good, and I know I am not as healthy as I should be. My soul is longing for something more. Contentment.

    2. Next write down what your dream life would look like! Think BIG, don’t hold back. No excuses. Just put it out there.

      1. Financial freedom. Travel often. Being a foster parent, maybe have my own child. An aligned marriage. I want to live off the grid. I want a little homestead, with animals and solar panels and my own well for water. I want fruitful friendships. I want to be seen, like really seen. I want to drive a subaru.

  5. Write down what brings you the most joy

    1. Investing in other women and helping them achieve the life they dream about. Time to slow down. New adventures. Public Speaking. Spending time with people I love.

  6. Write down what brings you the most stress

    1. Fiances. Not being seen, appreciated. Lack of communication. Lack of direction.

    2. Side note: Sometimes we can't get rid of stress, but we can learn how to deal with stress. I would even say that removing all stress would be bad….because we wouldn’t be motivated to do the things

  7. Once you get these lists, then start to notice patterns. Take a colored pen or highlighter and mark key things that jump back out to you. If you repeat something, mark it! You will start to see the things that are most stressful, the things that bring you the most joy. And once you start to identify those things, then you can start making plans to change.

    1. I just launched a new program called the Mini Mindset Rest, and it walks you through some of this process, and then takes it a step further...okay, now that i have this information...what the heck do I do with it?! So if that sounds like something you’d be intrested in, then head over to amberleagray.com to get all the details! Through the end of July, I’m offering this at an introductory price of only $23! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

  8. I can’t wait to hear from you guys who do this exercise. I want to know what you learned and what the process was like for you! Head over to the Growth & Grace FB group and let me know!

  9. That’s all I got for today, thanks for hanging out with me and I hope you have an awesome week!