EP 19: Thought Stopping

Growth & Grace Podcast Episode #19

EP 19: Thought Stopping

Happy Thursday! Hey friends! How is it going?! I hope you're doing well! I feel like the summer is flying by. We are in mid July at this point I've already started planning for the fall! It's hard to believe.

  • So today's episode is going to be pretty quick, but it is something that I have been wanting to share for a while and it is a coping technique called Thought Stopping.

    • It has been super helpful in my own life when I'm I am feeling anxious or I'm starting to doubt myself, but I recently realized that not a lot of people know about this! So really quickly, I wanted to talk about what thought stopping is and how to do it!

  • What is thought stopping?

    • It is actually a cognitive intervention that therapist use a lot where the goal is to interrupt, remove, and/or replace problematic recurring thoughts.

    • This is a technique you would use when your thoughts have been hijacked and you can recognize that you are no longer being reasonable or logical.

  • First step is to stop the negative, unhealthy thought!

    • How?!


  • Literally say stop in your head or aloud to those consuming, negative thoughts.

  • Some people even make little stop signs and put them on their mirror or on their dashboard. And then they have a mental image that will help.

  • Step two is replacing that negative thought with a positive one. That is called reframing and it is SO hard. It is flipping the script and making

  • Examples

    • Struggle with anxiety?

      • Worrying about things you can't control is HUGE!

        • It is not worth your energy to worry about things, situations, relationships that you don’t have control over. When you start to notice those thoughts start spinning, then you stay stop. And you might have to stay stop multiple times, and then you can start to talk yourself down. With logic!

    • Self doubt! Starting something new, it is easy to think your way into failure.

      • You know what I'm talking about too!

      • You can tell when you're starting to spiral…

      • STOP those thoughts and then start replacing them.

      • You are smart and capable.

      • You have succeeded before. You are qualified. You like to try new things. There is no failure, there is only learning.

  • This technique is helpful for EVERYONE, but is really helpful for people who struggle with anxiety or racing thoughts, then I would really encourage that you try this! And f you do, let me know!

  • That's all I got today. I just wanted to share that little practical tip with you! I hope you all have a great week!