Flat Tire


I had a flat tire. This tiny little stick from who knows where was stuck in the side wall of my tire. If you know anything about tires, then you know that because this tiny little stick was in the side wall--it was not patchable. Therefore, I had to get a whole new tire.

First, I went to Walmart--mostly out of convenience because I needed to do a little shopping anyway. I walk-inside the Tire & Lube section of the store and find a man standing at the register. I explain to him my situation, and that I believe I'm going to need a new tire. He instructs me to go outside and get a ticket from one of the mechanics. So, I walk outside and find two older gentlemen in greased up blue jumpsuits.

"Hey darling, What can we do for you?" I explain my situation again. "We are busy right now. If you wait inside, we'll come and get you when we're ready." 5, 10, 15 minutes pass, and no one comes to assist me. I sit in the small waiting room, just watching. A younger man comes in and says that he needs to get his battery checked. The man standing behind the register immediate goes to meet his need. 20 minutes gone. An older man walks in stating that he needs to get his oil changed, and blue jumpsuit man number one, gets the process started for him. I'm still sitting, now for 25 minutes. When I see another man walk in and is immediately assisted, I leave.

I let it go.

The next day was Sunday. After a long morning of church activities, my husband and I decide to take my car to a different tire place to get fixed while we eat our traditional, post-church Mexican feast. Though I am holding the keys, I notice that the tire-plus clerk puts all of my husband's information in the system to identify the car. I let it go.

After a few hours, my husband realizes that it is getting close to time for him to go to work, so he drops me off to wait for my car to be ready. I walk in, and the clerk asks "Where is your husband?"

-Amber Lea Gray, Photographer & Light Chaser