As I started to prepare for my 30th birthday, I wanted to celebrate in a big way. Not just on my actual birthday (ie dance party at Johnny's Hideaway), but to come up with a way to stay present and remember this time of my life. I wanted to be living my best life now, instead of always working toward the next thing.

So I did what every millennial does when they need a good idea, I went to pinterest. I started to search for ideas, ways to celebrate. Over and over again I came across the same problem - everything I found was things to do BEFORE you turned 30. As if when you turn 30, some mysterious person switches off the 'fun' button. Ya'll I'm 30, and I can still have a good time! So, I decided to make a list of 30 things I want to do in my 30th year of life. Some are fun. Some are serious. All of them will lead me on a journey of self discovery.