A Baby Was NOT in My Plan

Lisa Eberly Mastela: a registered dietitian helping soon-to-be moms meet their baby’s nutritional needs in an easy, fast and delicious way!


I had a plan for my life. I was a planner. I had a plan. Everything was going to plan.

I was supposed to get my masters degree and start my career in nutrition, then meet a man, fall in love, get married, and travel the world together. After seeing everything there is to see, I’d come back and start my own business. I didn’t know what that business would be or where it would take me, but I knew I needed to help women - my business would help women one day, I just didn’t know how.

I’m going to be honest - very honest. A baby wasn’t part of the plan. Sure, I loved my nieces and nephews and from the outside I probably fit the mold of a future mom, but did I daydream about motherhood? No. Did I envision myself changing diapers and making lunches? Nope. I had trouble really understanding how women craved motherhood. I craved seeing the world, running a business, and helping other women.

Just a few short months after our wedding, while planning our next big trip to see the world, everything was going to plan. Until I suddenly felt nauseous and - 6 positive pee sticks later - learned that we would probably have to reschedule our trip. And the rest of our lives.

Would I ever be able to travel? Would I ever start my business? Would I ever live the life I thought I would? And, would I ever feel like a mom?

Fast forward around 6 months and there I was, 8 months pregnant, crying over spilled chia seeds.

Pregnancy had been going relatively smoothly, and I was warming up to the idea of having a little one around. I had become passionate about her health and well being, and found that tending to her needs fulfilled me in a way I had never experienced. To meet all the recommended nutritional requirements for pregnancy, I used smoothies. Every day I’d blend up her omega-3s, folate, protein, and so on, to make sure she was getting the very best in there. I found fun ways to nurture my own needs through hers, making the smoothies also relieve nausea or bring down my swollen ankles. I even made a healthy cookie dough smoothie to satisfy my cookie cravings.  

 Anyway, back to the chia seeds.

 On that particular morning, while making my smoothie, accidentally breaking open a full bag of chia seeds and having them spill all over the floor was no surprise. It was one of many recent clumsy moments in the kitchen, including blending a wooden spatula into an acai bowl, visiting the ER after a failed chopping carrots situation (ten stitches!), staining our countertop with wild blueberries, just to name a few… My giant baby bump, swollen ankles, uneasy waddle, and pregnancy brain were keeping me from meeting my little girl’s needs. I couldn’t help but think about the other moms in the world. How were they meeting their baby’s needs? How were they managing morning sickness? Did they feel as tired and clumsy as I did? Were they sitting on their kitchen floor crying over spilled chia seeds, too?

After a few failed attempts and a graceful pregnant woman grunt, I pulled myself off the floor. I was going to help these moms. No more crying over spilled chia seeds. I made a smoothie, wrote a menu, and got to work building a business - my business - while growing a baby.

All along, my baby was the plan. She inspired my business. She makes every trip we take a thousand times more fun. She is my muse - a prominent piece of every single choice I make and every wonderful, sweet moment of my life. I will be a mom and she will be my baby forever - that’s the plan.

PS - My daughter is now 8 months old, has been on 8 plane rides, and has her first big trip to Europe planned for this summer. She spends her days in the “office” with me, tasting our smoothies before they get packaged and shipped to the pregnant women who need them.

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