EP 22: Two Things I Learned from a Spiritual Director that Shifted my Mindset

Growth & Grace Podcast Episode #22

EP 22: Two Things I Learned from a Spiritual Director that Shifted my Mindset

I had a different episode planned for today, but I wanted to record this for today because it was really on my heart. I met with my spiritual director today and she said two things that really stuck out to me.

  • I am multi passionate. I have lots of interests and honestly, I love trying new things. Going on adventures, keeping things fresh.

    • I have lots of things going on

      • I'm a full time pastor

      • I'm a wedding photographer

      • I'm part of MLM

      • I’m doing this podcast

    • And I have a running list of ideas of things I'd love to do if I have the time.

  • Not only do I have lots of things I want to do, but other people also have expectations of me. Things THEY want me to do.

    • And it's not always bad. It's sometime part of being a good friend or wife of daughter.

    • It is part of my job.

  • We are busy. We have all the things going on. It is easy to get bogged down in the should do and could dos.

  • I'm going to be honest, I've struggled with this A LOT with discerning what I should do. What I should focus on.

    • I have the expectations of myself.

    • I feel like I have to explain myself to others.

  • Part of being adult is that you don't owe anyone explanations. You don't have to explain yourself to others.

    • How you spend your time.

    • The choices you make

    • The job you have.

    1. It is not their business, and if you are being true to yourself and you have a group of people you trust and can talk to openly and honestly…then what the rest of the world thinks doesn't matter.

  • Second, Is this mine to do?

    • Just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean it is yours to do.

    • If you do something that is not yours, then you might be taking an opportunity away from someone else.

    • We only have so much time and energy, and we need to be selective what we are spending that currency on.

    • If you are struggling with discernment or figuring out what you should focus on, ask: Is this mine to do?