EP 28: The Hustle Lie

Growth & Grace Podcast Episode #28

EP 28: The Hustle Lie

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is the one activity that you know if you did superbly well and consistently would have a significant positive results in your personal life?

  2. What is the one activity that you know if you did superbly well and consistently would have a significant positive results in your professional life?

If you know these things would make a significant difference, why are you not doing them now?

Two Primary Factors:

  • Urgency & Importance but today I want to focus mostly on urgency.

    • How much does we let urgency control our lives? Especially the urgency of others. People come to us with 'urgent matters' and we jump on them. We take on the urgency of others as our own.

    • There is also the biological component here. We get an adrenaline rush dealing with urgent matters. It makes us feel important. We feel good when those things are completed. We feel stressed and then we feel validated.

      • This is part of that whole hustle mindset. You're only important if you're hustling. You're only successful if you're hustling. You're only valuable if you're hustling. So many people need you. But have we ever stopped to question if we think that is actually true? Why is hustling mandatory for success. Quite frank, I don't want to hustle. I want things to be organized and simple with systems. I want to work hard, yes, but I don't want to feel like I’m constantly trying to hustle.

    • So Covey in his book First Things First, would say that we become addicted to this sense of urgency -- the 2019 version of a boss babe hustler. We get a temporary high from solving urgent important crises.

      • And everywhere we turn, this hustle mindset is reinforced in our lives and in our culture.

    • Urgency is not the problem. The problem comes when urgency becomes the dominate factor in our decision making.

    • We get so caught up on what we feel like we 'have to do' that we don't do the important things that we know we need to do to get us where we want to go. Those things constantly get pushed to the back burner.

  • So how do we fix this?

    • Well I think the first step is establishing your priorities. We talk a lot about goal setting and how to get the life we dream about…well we have to set goals and priorities and we have to make the things that will significantly change our lives the priority!

    • Once we establish our priorities, then we have a starting place….but then life happens.

      • The baby cries

      • A deadline at work

      • Your significant other need your help

      • There is a family crisis

    • And typically when these things come up…we jump on them…regardless of how they are going to impact our long term goals. But I would suggest is --pause and really reflect if this is something that YOU have to do.

      • The baby cries…seems like that is simple. The baby needs help. But is this your baby? Are the parents right there? Is the baby crying because the baby is hurt, or because someone took their toy away? Just because something seems urgent…doesn't mean it is urgent.

        • It seems like it is a lot to process in the moment, and you might think you don't have time…but trust me. Your brain and rationalize quick, it is just matter of stopping long enough think.

      • There is a deadline at work -- is it your deadline? How can you mange your time so this deadline doesn't seem urgent. Work over time.

        • This happens to me ALL the time! I work in a church, and if you've ever been around church people they all have the MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU NEED TO DO RIGHT NOW! And you are the ONLY ONE that can help them. Sometimes that is true. Sometimes it is not. Establishing your roll and setting good boundaries is key.

      • There is a family crisis

        • Is there really though? Are you involved? Would you really help? Are the coming to you because you have set poor boundaries in the past?

  • I want to really challenge you guys this week to think about this idea of urgency and hustle keeping you from doing the things that you KNOW will get you where you want to go personally and professionally.

    • This week I started going back to the gym. I am just making it a priority. I have made excuses that I need to get into the office earlier and I can't go to the gym in the mornings. But that is not true. I get to set my own priorities, and other people's sense of urgency is not my own. I know that being healthy is my long term goal.

  • So go back and answer those questions from the start of the podcast and start to process a little how what we talked about today might be holding you back…and then reach out and let me know if you found this helpful!