EP 29: Saying NO to Good Things

Growth & Grace Podcast Episode #29

EP 29: Saying NO to Good Things

  • Hey there podcast family! How's is going?! I hope you are doing fantastic!

    • I realized when I was prepping this week's podcast that when this goes live…I have been podcasting for OVER 1/2 a year. I can't believe how fast time has gone, and honestly….I'm so proud of myself.

      • I have doubted, and questioned and wondered if I should keep going.

        • And every time those thoughts of doubt start to creep up…someone will reach out or I will get another review.

        • You never really know how much it means to someone when you notice them and what they are doing.

      • So thank you guys! I love that I get to do this, and it means that you guys have shown up with me for the last 6ish months!

    • A couple of other things going on! I did my first conversation episode this week, and I am SOOO excited about it! I have a couple more scheduled and I am trying to figure out how I want the format to go. I'll probably start to put them out there and then ask for your feedback because I really want to make sure that I am serving you guys the best!

    • Another thing that I'm pretty excited about! If you are local to ATL … or not and you want to take a weekend trip, I am hosing a Growth & Grace Brunch on November 16th!

      • Delicious food

      • Swag bag

      • Networking

      • Some Workshopping

      • Y'all it is going to be SOOO good, and I got a grant to help cover the cost so it is going to be super affordable!

    • Mark your calendars y'all. The seat will be limited and you're not going to want to miss this.


    Okay…. So let's get to what I really wanted to share today…and that is a little pep talk!

    • If you follow me on the social, then you saw a preview of this on Tuesday for pep talk Tuesday!


    • So this is a pep talk, permission slip style.

    • Sometimes we are just waiting for someone to give us permission to do things that we don't need permission to do. And it's like an ah ha moment when we realize it!

      • Here we go: It's okay to say no to good things. There are a lot of things out in the world. SOOOO many good things.

        • Repeat after me: No

          • Thanks for thinking of me, but I'm going to sit it out this time.

          • I really appreciate the offer, but I'm already over extended.

          • It sounds like an awesome opportunity, but I already have something on my calendar.

        • But the reality is that your time & energy is a limited resource.

      • You can not do it all!

    • We budget our money. We are intentional about where we invest our money.

      • It's honestly kinda crazy how much thinking about $$$ consumes us sometimes.

    • But guess what y'all, you can get more money. You can NOT get more time and energy.

      • What would happen if we budgeted our time and energy? What would it look like if we were intentional about how we were spending and investing our time an energy?

    • Your time & energy is a limited resource…and that means that sometimes you are going to have to say NO to good things in order to get where you want to go.

      • It's not selfish. It's basic math. We can't do it all. So we have to make what we can do count!

    • I really want to encourage you guys this week to invest wisely.

      • Just like sometimes you need a financial advisor…maybe you need a therapist or a life coach.

        • Reach out, I would love to jump on a call with you and see if I can help you put the pieces together to start focusing your time and energy in the places that will get you the life you dream about!

    • So here is your permission slip! Take it and RUN with it y'all!