EP 32: Declutter Your Life with Kirsty Farrugia

Growth & Grace Podcast Episode #32

EP 31: Declutter Your Life with Kirsty Farrugia

Kirsty Farrugia is a Professional Organizer and transformed messaholic.

Passionate about helping others to find space in their heads, hearts and homes, Kirsty wants to share with others the freedom that comes from living a decluttered life.

Co-Founder of The Art of Decluttering, a Professional Organizing business and popular podcast, Kirsty is on a mission to help those who are too busy, too confused, too tired, too stressed or too overwhelmed to deal with their own clutter - working with clients to create order and make long-term improvements in all aspects of their lives.

Kirsty lives in Sydney, Australia with her uber-organized husband and her two gorgeous children.

  • Kirsty is not naturally organized! But she has completely changed her ways, a reformed messaholic.

    • Kirsty use to be overwhelmed in her own mess, and then she met her husband. Who was a total opposite of a messaholic!

    • So her journey to organization started with figuring out how to compromise in marriage. Her husband motivated her to get organized. She wanted more grace and ease in her life.

  • We know how to be tidy, but to be consistent and actually get grace and ease in our lives we need to have a switch in our mindset and our habits.

  • In order to have freedom from clutter you need:

    • Education - The art of Decluttering Podcast

    • Motivation - This comes and goes, but it is knowing your why!

    • Time - You do need time, but you can do it in small chunks. The have an episode called the Micro-declutter that can be super helpful!

      • EX: What can you do while the coffee brews?

    • Action - You have to actually DO something, and do the work.

  • You need habits & mindset to keep you in the declutter stage.

  • Kirsty knows that if she can do it, then anyone can do it!

  • Let's talk about motivation! What would you say to someone who was struggling with getting started?

    • Start with creating a vision for your life.

    • The Art of Decluttering is about clearing the clutter in their head, heart and home. It is a holistic approach.

      • So when you start to think about a vision for your life, think about all three parts.

    • This does not mean that your house has to be perfect, but it should be what is comfortable for you and the people who life with you.

  • You have to have grace for yourself. When people come to your house, they are coming to see YOU and not your house. If people are judging you, then that is on them.

    • Most of the time we are putting pressure on ourselves and assume what people are thinking about it, when it's not reality.

  • Part of the mindset work, is to stop making a mountain out of a mole hill. It doesn't take as long as you think it will.

  • The one thing that has revolutionize how Kirsty does life is the mindset of: JUST DO IT NOW!

    • It constantly working on the anti-procrastination.

    • Put it away instead of putting it down.

    • Doing it NOW helps reduce some of that mental load.

      • It allows you to close the mental tab.

  • It is not just about doing the dishes, it is about asking the bigger tough question. It is digging deep and being able to identify the kind of life you want.

  • If you are sitting in junk and overwhelm, then you can't have the life you dream about.

    • Momentum builds, and when you start seeing progress then you will see more progress and it encourages you to dream bigger!

    • The more you do it, the easier it becomes.

  • It is not just about your house. It is about your head, heart and home!

  • What are some things you should do in the next 24 hours?

    • When you pick something up, find it a home. You don't have to create a home for all the things, just start with whatever is in your hand.

      • Start with whatever you eyes see first or whatever your feet hit first.

    • Start working on your mindset around sentimental items. What is triggering you to keep all the things.

      • This is not about a minimalist life, but we do want people to declutter. So that sometimes means digging into why you are holding onto things. Is it guilt and shame?

      • You are the store house of your memories, not physical item.

      • Memories are about stories and not items.

  • Where to find Kirsty!