EP 34: Friendship & Seasons of Discovery with Jenn VanHekken

Growth & Grace Podcast Episode #34

EP 34: Friendship & Seasons of Discovery with Jenn VanHekken

  • Jenn is a lives in MI and she is a podcaster, speaker and coach.

  • She was in education for 15 years. She was an administrator and classroom teacher, and that gave her a passion for investing in students and families and parents. She loved to walking with people in life that happened outside of the classroom.

  • She is an enneagram coach and uses the enneagram as a tool to help people get unstuck!

  • One of the places Jenn got tangled up in her own life is when her daughter left for college. They were super close and when she left she had to go through her own season of discovery.

  • Instagram Culture

    • We are looking at photos where people look like they have it all together. They 'know' what their next step is. They are successful.

    • When looking at that, we can start to internalize that and wonder why we are not where we want to be.

  • She works with mostly women and teens.

    • Working with teens is really important, especially older teens who are going off to college. Those times

  • Jenn is relational in what she does! She is intentional about really walking along side people through the entire journey. Self discovery is not a quick and easy thing.

  • Life is lonely. Do people really know me?

    • There is something important about being known, and that is something that we struggle with.

    • Whether it is something Jenn is working with or just a friend, it is really important that they know her and she knows them….and that takes vulnerability.

  • Vulnerability is hard, and finding that line of what to share on social media is hard.

    • But sharing who we really are means that we might be rejected, and that is scary.

  • It is hard to make friends as an adult!

    • Friendships look different in different seasons of life.

    • In Growing friendships, How do we invest in our friendships matters.

    • Discerning the difference in friendship and colleagues.

    • We live really busy lives and that is a challenge when it comes to being a 'good friend.' It is easier to turn on Netflix than it is to call a friend.

    • Our busy lives drain the relationships that we want to invest in because we feel like we have to be on 100% of the time.

    • Friendships are work! You have to show up!

  • FRIENDSHIP TIP: Cultivate friendships with low-key hospitality. Just get together without all the fluff. No pressure, just a bag of salad and wine. Opening up the doors without everything having to be perfect. People aren't craving a Pinterest get together, they want to be seen and known and heard.

  • Hospitality is just opening up your doors.

  • Part of it is cultural, in America we go out when we get together. We don't invite people into our homes. In the home is what is the most welcoming and vulnerability.

  • A lot of what Jenn does is help people re-discover their passions and dreams.

    • When Jenn's daughter when to college, she went through a hard season. She struggled with identity, anxiety and depression.

    • Sometimes we are comfortable for a season, but we also grow and change.

    • We are here for a purpose. We are designed for a purpose to reach out and help others.

  • Jenn approach is holistic! She has a 6 week course! Hopefully going virtually in the Spring!