EP 4: Show Yourself a Little Grace

Growth & Grace Podcast Episode #4

Show yourself some grace

  • I think it is SOOO important.

    • We humans are seriously so hard on ourselves, especially women!

    • We never give ourselves enough credit.

    • But let me tell you, you are killing it. Doing all the things. Juggling all the balls. Spinning all the plates. And there is not another person on the planet who can give what you have to offer.

  • So my message today: show yourself a little grace.

  • It's okay to not get it all right

    • I saw a quote this week. There are no failures. There are wins and lessons.

    • I’m still waiting for the magic age where I feel like an adult. It’s almost like I feel like a forever 16 year old. Does anyone else feel like that? Like you’re still stumbling through life waiting for that day that all the pieces align?

    • I don’t think that ever happens, and that’s part of life. Therefore it is okay to not get it all right.

  • It's even okay to mess up

    • Most of what we do everyday is not life and death. Unless you’re like a surgeon or something…and in that case just FF to the next point. I think sometimes we take ourselves too serious.

  • It's okay if you are not where you want to be

    • Y’all I have not even come close to meeting my 2019 goals.

    • I have such big dreams and goals, and I’m definitely not where I want to be and that is okay.

    • But there is beauty in the journey. And our current situation is not our final destination.

    • In this culture with perfectly curated social media. It looks like everyone has it together except for us. Everyone else is happier, healthier and more successful than we are and it is easy for us to start to beat ourselves up for not being where we want to be.

    • Just try to remember that you are a lot further from your starting place and you are making an impact on the world and yes you might not be where you want to be but that’s OK… at least were not where we started.

  • It's okay if you feel like you're going backwards

    • OK this is the hardest one for me.

    • Sometimes the hard parts of life, the challenges, the growing pains feel like a setback when they are just going to propel us forward to a place that we have not yet been.

  • Sometimes it is hard to see, but where you are on your journey is a gift. You are where you need to be and you never know how your story and how what you’re doing and how what you’re offering will impact the people around you. So in the midst of all of this culture and pressure and everything show yourself a little bit of grace. Give yourself a little bit of breathing room. It doesn’t help anything to beat ourselves up.

  • Take a deep breath. Where you are on your journey is good enough. Show yourself some grace. It's okay. Give yourself some breathing room.