EP 7: Why it's Okay to Change Your Mind!

Growth & Grace Podcast Episode #7

·      It’s okay to change your mind:

o   I’ve been thinking about something a lot lately.

o   We put so much value in what we do.

§  Think about it.

§  What is the first thing we ask when meeting a new person?

·      What do you do? Meaning, what is your job?

o   I’ve always struggled with how to answer that question. I do a lot of things. I’m passionate about a lot of things. I call myself multi-passionate, but others just see a girl who can’t make up her mind.

·      For a long time I felt guilty for my indecisiveness. I felt like I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to do, breaking some cultural norm.

·      Why couldn’t I just pick something, and stick with it?

o   And this idea of picking a single vocation starts early!

§  How often do we ask kids what they want to be when they grow up?  

·      As if they would know!

·      Elephant story!

·      Kids don’t know. Adults don’t know. And that’s okay!

o   I’m a few degrees and few careers into this thing called life, and I’m still discerning exactly what I want to do. I change my mind, a lot. And I know that is part of my personality, but I wanted to do this episode to give you permission.

§  It is okay to change your mind. Because changing your mind isn’t a sign that you’re indecisive or unreliable…it means that you are growing. That you want to LOVE what you do. It means that you are self-aware and you want to make sure that you’re reaching your full potential.

·      We put so much pressure on what decide for our future. We spend time, energy and resources to achieve those goals.

·      But what happens if we reach that goal and then realize it's not what we really want? It's not what makes us happy?

o   Don’t feel bad for wanting more. Don’t feel bad for wanting something different.

§  If you’ve been waiting for a permission slip to try something new, here it is! I can write one out for you if you want.

§  Don’t let fear keep you from at least trying.

·      As you know, I’m multi-passionate and for all of my adult life I’ve had multiple streams of income. Though I have a ‘day job’ that I love! That I feel called to! I also love to learn new things and connect with new people.

·      If I am laser focused on one thing, then I might miss an awesome opportunity right in front of me!

·      Just a few months ago I joined a MLM, with a team that is SO empowering and encouraging. We truly care for one another, and we’re selling a product we believe in without all the pushy salesy stuff. If I wasn’t open to new opportunities, then I would have seriously missed out on connecting with a phenomenal group of women while making some extra money!

o   Not only do I have new friends, but being part of this MLM made it possible to pay for Andrew’s tuition this semester.

o   I would have missed out on so many blessings if I wasn’t open to something new.  

·      Y'all, there are SOO many options out there in the world.

o   It's okay to grow and change.

o   I feel like that is actually normal part of life! My now 31 year old self doesn't eat the same things my 3 year old self ate. I grew up, I learned to like new things. My taste buds changed. And thank goodness!

·      Don’t let fear keep you from going after what you want.

·      If you’re unhappy or feeling like there is something more out there for you, then start to do the work of figuring out what that is…and when the time comes, remember that It’s okay to change your mind!