What is Light Chaser?!

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What is light chaser?

  • Light chaser is a women's empowerment project that believes in the power of story telling. The reality is that everyone has a story worthy of telling. Light Chaser provides a place to share your story.

What is the light?

  • The light may be different for everyone. If you are a spiritual person, then maybe the light is your higher power.  Jesus said, "I am the light of the world." If you find yourself in a time of darkness, then maybe the light is your hope for a better future. The light from the sun gives life to the earth, and the light found in people feeds our souls. For some of us the light is small, distant. For others, we are consumed by it. No matter how big or small, we are drawn to it. We are light chasers.

Why start light chaser?

  • Honestly, I needed a community. A real community, where people can be honest and vulnerable and not ashamed of who they are. The more I talked and got to know different women, the more I realized how often we hide ourselves. I can point the finger of blame, but the reality is that we often times feel shame. We feel unworthy. We feel like we should be different, smarter, thinner--better. I'm tired of feeling that way. That is why I started light chaser.

  • One of the ways that we seek the light is through personal growth and self-reflection. We can do that through story telling. Our lives are full of stories. Writing our stories down is an empowering thing. We take ownership of where we have been and the past that has led us to where we are today.

What if I don't have a story to tell?

  • Everyone has a story to tell. You are uniquely you. There is no one on the planet who has experienced life the same way you have. You have something to offer. You have lessons you've learned. You've had experiences that shape and mold you. In this social media driven world, we have lost touch with reality. People are only putting their 'best' out there for other people to see. So then we start this comparison game. Clearly all of these people on my insta feed have more interesting lives than me, right? But that's not true. Facebook and Instagram are just a small snapshot into a person's life, not the full picture. Don't silence your voice because you think other people will judge you. Share your story. I think you will be surprised by the entire process.

The Light Chaser Promise:

  • We promise that your story will be read. It will be heard. Though not all stories make it to the blog; we have made the commitment to our story writers that your story will be read.

  • If your story is selected for the blog, we will send you a free Light Chaser T-Shirt!

  • Light chaser honors the experience of every woman regardless of race, ethnicity, culture, religion, sexuality, or born gender. Light chaser acknowledges that life is complicated and messy, therefore all women do not experience life the same.

What's the deal with the Light Chaser T-Shirt?

  • Light Chaser T-Shirts are exclusive to our story tellers! When your story is selected for the blog, I will send you a shirt. When people ask you what light chaser is, you get to share your story again!