about the artist:

Hi, I'm Amber Lea :) -- a 29 year old Mississippi girl living in ATL, Georgia. I married the love of my life (Andrew) almost 4 years ago, and I'm obsessed with my little pup, Leo. If you are around me for any amount of time you'll notice: I laugh when things are not funny, I talk through movies, and I can't hear a good beat without shakin' it a little.  I love to travel, explore new cultures, and try new things. That's me in a nut shell!  

My soul thrives on connecting with people and learning their stories. For me, photography is really a way to join in and share stories.  I feel so privileged every time I get booked by a new client. It's more than showing up and taking photos, it's being part of some of the most important moments of a person's life. The love of a newly engaged couple, the hectic (but, real) life of families, dancing with friends at a wedding reception, and the hope of High School seniors as they begin a new chapter. With all the pain and sorrow in life, it's an honor to step in with my camera during some of the most exciting, joyful times.